Thursday, 22 October 2009



charles said'kalau u tulis tiga muka saja ,u boleh bungkui,n gt telur babi,at least u kena tulis empat muka surat arrrrr!!!!!!'



tats all

Friday, 7 August 2009


我 不是怕死




Saturday, 25 July 2009

You Were My Everything - Aviation

this goes out to someone that was
once the most important person in my life
i didn't realize it at the time
i can't forgive myself for the way i treated you so
i don't really expect you to either
it's just... i don't even know
just listen...

you're the one that i want, the one that i need
the one that i gotta have just to succeed
when i first saw you, i knew it was real
i'm sorry about the pain i made you feel
that wasn't me; let me show you the way
i looked for the sun, but it's raining today
i remember when i first looked into your eyes
it was like god was there, heaven in the skies
i wore a disguise 'cause i didn't want to get hurt
but i didn't know i made everything worse
you told me we were crazy in love
but you didn't care when push came to shove
if you loved me as much as you said you did
then you wouldn't have hurt me like i ain't shit
now you pushed me away like you never even knew me
i loved you with my heart, really and truly

i guess you forgot about the times that we shared
when i would run my fingers through your hair
late nights, just holding you in my arms
i don't know how i could do you so wrong
i really wanna show you i really need to hold you
i really wanna know you like no one could else know you
you're number one, always in my heart
and now i can't believe that our love is torn apart

i need you and
i miss you and
i want you and
i love you 'cause
i wanna hold you,
i wanna kiss you
you were my everything
and i really miss you (2x)

i knew you gonna sit and play this with your new man
and then sit and laugh as you're holding his hand
the thought of that just shatters my heart
it breaks in my soul and it tears me apart
at times we was off i was scared to show you
now i wanna hold you until i can't hold you
without you, everything seems strange
your name is forever planted in my brain
damn it, i'm insane,
take away the pain
take away the hurt
baby, we can make it work
what about when you
looked into my eyes
told me you loved me
as you would hugged me
i guess everything you said was a lie
i think about it, it brings tears to my eyes
now i'm not even a thought in your mind
i can see clearly, my love is not blind

i need you and
i miss you and
i want you and
i love you 'cause
i wanna hold you,
i wanna kiss you
you were my everything
and i really miss you (2x)

i just wish everything could have turned out differently
i had a special feeling about you
i thought maybe you did too
you would understand, but...
no matter what, you'll always be in my heart
you'll always be my baby

our first day, it seemed so magical
i remember all the time that i had with you
remember when you first came to my house?
you looked like an angel wearing that blouse
we hit it off, i knew it was real
but now i can't take all the pain that i feel
reach in your heart, i know i'm still there
i don't wanna hear that you no longer care
remember the times? remember when we kissed?
i didn't think you would ever do me like this
i didn't think you'd wanna see me depressed
i thought you'd be there for me, this i confess
you said you were my best friend, was that a lie?
now i'm nothing to you, you're with another guy
i tried, i tried, i tried, and i'm trying
now on the inside it feels like i'm dying

i need you and
i miss you and
i want you and
i love you 'cause
i wanna hold you,
i wanna kiss you
you were my everything
and i really miss you (2x)
And i do miss you
I just thought we were meant to be
I guess now,we"ll never know
the only thing i want is for you to be happy
whether it be with me, or without me
i just want you to be happy

i found this song accidently
now,i prefer to hear songs by Aviation
the way he rap
the bass of the songs of his
the content.......

Monday, 22 June 2009


无知 原来 可以 是很幸福的
不用去面对 豫伤

最近 弄清楚了某些事
复杂的心情 再 浮沉

i shed my tears twice
for the same reason
and i wont let tis happen for Thrice



Till nw.i really tried my best dy
虽然。有时会彷徨 不知所措
[经验不足的问题-自辨 下].hhahah

*sumthng i wan to tel
~i appreciate if 20th or 19 th d
xue ji wanna lend their
remember.u r only 帮忙nt指挥 us to
pagezi.NT U
~i expect most of the works cn be
done by 21th d xue ji as i hope
that v r nt going to be branded
"USELESS"by other

im very straight d lor.hahhah.babla

Monday, 8 June 2009

KL 游


闷闷的开始 + 一直好像睁不开的眼睛
as al sleep lik pig jor...Zz..
reach ktm,tat jyiee 简直像在贬我 ,tel me v reach midvalley jor
tamama...who dont know thr is ktm station wor
After,v start shopping
-midvalley->timesquare->sungai wang
-rush back to the bus station
when reach the bus station later ......walau..that bus postponed dy ...
on the bus,hahahhahhhahahhh,sweet to flash back, kekekekekekkkk

-my wallet left on the bus....aduixxx!!!!!!!!!!!!
->scold by my mom in front of jinyong..walau ..paiseh dao
->reach home dy also not yet stop scolding
-fortunaly,someone found it and sent it back to the counter.....amitaba

though tired till xxxxx
though that day end with parent's scolding

bt ITS last.i think

* jingye,不好意思抄了你的题目

Friday, 5 June 2009


Cry in the room
cry under the pillow
No body knows
no body heards
*bt her....hehehh

it's worth to cry for [it]
at least after this
i wont going to kill myself